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Introducing the Let Kindness Shine Shop!

Introducing the "Let Kindness Shine" clothing collection. 😊

A few months ago, after searching for another kindness themed shirt, I decided that I would like to create my own clothing collection. (Because, you can never have too many kindness shirts in your closet, am I right?)

Years ago I recall talking to a friend about starting a business with "gift" items: mugs, shirts, etc. with cool sayings. Now, it is possible! I was definitely inspired by some fantastic influencers on Instagram, who have encouraged me to be brave, reach for your dreams, and make a difference. I hope that this little collection will do that.

I love kindness quotes and phrases, and there are so many, but I decided to use the phrase "let kindness shine" because it shows how we can subtly shine and radiate kindness in our everyday interactions and words. I am an introvert, so I prefer to do things quietly, without drawing a lot of attention! Those are the most rewarding acts of kindness for me. Besides, I think we all could use a little shine in our day.

With the help of Printful, you can now go to my website at and purchase your own "Let Kindness Shine" apparel.

There are an assortment of colors and sizes for any member of your family.

I just ordered my t-shirt and can't wait to get it!

Go check out the line-up at my Shine Shop at

☀ Let kindness shine! ☀

P.S. Thank you

@mrsmacskinders@joysofkinder@smallactbigimpact@ripplekindness4schools and @drjodycarrington for promoting kindness, inspiring me to be brave, and taking on this endeavour!

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