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New Book: My Mindful Friends - Coming Soon!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I am excited to announce that my new book, "My Mindful Friends", will be coming soon!

This book will complement your social emotional learning (SEL) lessons, teach mindfulness, and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Students will see what it means to accept their emotions and find a calming or mindfulness strategy that works for them. Characters are diverse and represent children from around the world.

⭐️Free ebook!⭐️ Join my Book Launch team!

I am looking for people to be a part of "My Mindful Friends" Launch Team, which gives you a copy of the free e-book in return for an honest Amazon review. Please email me if you wish to be added to my Launch Team.

The paperback copy of the book, "My Mindful Friends" will be published on Amazon on September 15. Book launch will start the week of September 5th.

Thanks in advance for your support! 😊

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