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Free Kindle Downloads of my books on April 22

Happy April!

I just wanted to share with you that all of my books will be available for a free Kindle download on Monday, April 22.

"What Kind of World Would It Be?" is a social-emotional learning themed book that teaches empathy, responsibility, and kindness. It will spark meaningful conversations of the impact we have on each other and what we can do to be kind. 🌍

"I Love You to the Treetops" showcases the vast, unconditional love of family. It was inspired by my children.🌳One review on Good Reads shares:

"I Love You to the Treetops" by Angelina Gauthier is a lovely imaginative story filled with adventure, inspiration and adoration! This unique and special book is so enjoyable and memorable. It filled our hearts with love and feelings of acceptance and security. This classic children’s picture book should be on every child’s bookshelf!

"My Mindful Friends" teaches essential social-emotional learning skills with many easy-to-learn calming techniques that can be used to reduce big emotions in any situation. Through colorful illustrations, your children/students will see what it means to accept their emotions and find a calming or mindfulness strategy that works for them. 😊

Characters in all books are diverse and represent children from around the world. 🌏

Download your copies and then go to my website: for free activities, worksheets, and lessons.

Reviews of my books are always appreciated. Thank you.

Let kindness shine!

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