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Kindness Rocks

Use acrylic paints and pens to create positive messages on rocks that you can add to your playground or leave in the community for others to find.

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Marble Surface
Art Fence

Create a variety of visual art by your students, and attach to the chainlink fence outside your school for parents to enjoy during drop-off and pick-up and community to enjoy as they walk by.

Marble Surface
Compliment Ninjas

Have students draw the name of a classmate at the start of the day. They watch that person all day and then write a genuine compliment for them before they are dismissed. Great feel-good moment for both the giver and receiver!

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Marble Surface
Kindness Cards

Make Kindness Cards for the residents that live close to your school, thanking them for being good neighbours.

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Kindness Quotes

Start each day with a kindness quote. This can be read in class or on the announcements. Have students submit their favorite as well!

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Kindness Chains

Have students write their name on the first link of the chain. They pass on the chain to the next classmate, who adds a kind word or compliment about that person. Continue until everyone has added a link and the chain returns to its owner.

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Marble Surface
Nature Creations

Have students gather sticks, leaves, grass, pinecones, and rocks to make creations for others to find.