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I appreciate all the parents, guardians, teachers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, colleagues, fellow authors, and family members who have purchased my books and have given me feedback either by email, in person, or by a review on Amazon. Many have indicated that the books have sparked meaningful conversations about acceptance, kindness, love, mindfulness, and diversity.

Here are some of the Amazon reviews for What Kind of World Would It Be? and I Love You to the Treetops, plus the Five Star Reviews from Readers' Favorite for both books.

Please personally email me at to give me your feedback, ask a question, or to send a photo of your child with their copy of What Kind of World Would It Be?I Love You to the Treetops, or My Mindful Friends.

I'd love to hear from you!


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©Angelina Gauthier

Amazon Reviews for "What Kind of World Would It Be?"


Beautiful Message of Kindness

This book offers a wonderful message of kindness. ♡
The rhyme in the story is very good and the illustrations are colorful. It also gives a lesson on emotions and feelings, that every child can relate to. I feel, showing each emotional expression, through the illustration, is a great way for kids to visualize how they might be seen to others. I would recommend this book to all young children.

Best Book on Kindness!

I’ve read a lot of children’s book on kindness; but this book is the best I’ve read so far. I love the diversity of the characters and how the author uses rhyming and colorful illustrations throughout the story to teach kindness and to keep the young reader engaged!

5.0 out of 5 stars  - Absolutely Amazing!

My son LOVED this book! It is so hard as a parent to make sure kids understand the 'WHY' factor in regard to being nice, kind, and polite. This book does a great job in keeping kids entertained while teaching them a wonderful lesson. It encourages them to really think about their actions and what they do everyday and that a small, simple, nice gesture can go a long way!


Love this sweet, rhyming story

This is such a great book for raising kind, mindful humans. It’s a good reminder to start with ourselves first and be mindful of the immediate impact that we can have on others.

Cute lesson for kids

This book has a great perspective. It lets the kids look at their actions and how they impact life. It encourages good choices and helps kids to see that their actions make a difference and in the world.

Very Sweet Book

This book is really sweet with a great message- be kind! I loved the rhymes and the great message for kids. Show kindness every day! Definitely recommend this book.

Excellent Anti-bullying Resource

This is an excellent educational resource for teaching children about emotions and how they affect behavior. The author effectively offers lessons in kindness, respect, and overall tolerance for differences. It is refreshing to recognize children from various colors, ethnicities, and religious groups represented in this book, operating with compassion for one another. This helps children to consider about the possibilities of being helpful and friendly vs. bullying. This would make a great addition to any home or classroom.

Great kindness lesson

Illustrated to reflect all kinds of kids, so relatable! If everyone acted like me, what kind of world would it be? Such a thought provoking sentence. This book lends itself to the opportunity for parents to talk about the child’s behavior while reading the book. Loved it!


Love this book! 

Read this book to my Preschoolers yesterday and they LOVED it. It is a colourful great read. We had a big discussion afterwards about what kindness means. This book fosters love and kindness to all ... can’t love this enough!!!

Absolutely Love!

This book is beautiful and teaches an amazing lesson! The rhymes are sweet and young children can easily understand the message. I love that it encourages kindness to others by helping kids reflect on what kind of world their actions create.

What a wonderful book

It’s not only a good story about being the best you can be but it’s done in a beautiful rhyme. I truly loved this book. The art work is perfect for the story, while having lots of bright colors. It’s just a perfect little book. My grandson loved it.

What kind of world can we create?

We really loved this diverse book depicting children of all ethnicities feeling a wide range of emotions. In a world where we can be anything, be kind. This is a great book for promoting tolerance, kindness, and empathy. Highly recommend.

Kindness book

I really enjoyed reading this book, sweet message and diverse characters. We need more books like this in the world.

A beautifully written/illustrated book on kindness

I read this book to my Kindergarten/Grade 1 students and they were able to grasp the meaning of the book. This book is beautifully written and illustrated and is a must-have book for any elementary school teacher. There is so much a teacher can expand on with this book especially if they teach their students (or their own children) about kindness.

Beautiful book!

A beautiful reminder that our actions leave an impression on the world and other people around us! Wonderfully illustrated with diverse characters.

A world full of kindness is what we need

Nice opening with children of different nationalities holding hands on top of the world and then ending with them holding hands encircling the globe. I love the illustrations of the children – the illustrator captured their emotions beautifully! There’s nice representation of diversity with children wearing turbans and hijabs and even one little boy in a wheelchair. There is a very important message that will make every reader pause and reflect: If everyone acted just like me, what kind of world would it be? A wonderful story for teaching children about kindness, respect for others, acceptance, and tolerance. Well done!

We can make a difference in the lives of people around us!

This book resonated with me and my students. It's not just about being kind, but also about being the kind of person you want to have around you. Very powerfully written.

Must have book for social emotional learning

This book was read to my school yesterday. The message is to look inward -- how do you want the world to be? Kids loved it. I teach K but even my son in grade 4 talked about it after school. It’s okay to feel everything, but when we are out and about - how do you want the world to be? Great book for preschool to grade 12.​

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©Angelina Gauthier

Amazon Reviews for "I Love You to the Treetops"


Simple and Lovely

This book is purely about love. That’s it. Nothing else. And that is perfect. It’s beautifully simple in its message. I can see any type of family, many of whom are represented in the illustrations, reading it over and over again. I will definitely be reading this to my granddaughter to help her understand how much I love her. It’s perfection, in my opinion.

Love From Around the World

I loved this book. It takes us around the world from the skies to the oceans, the deserts to the icy regions on earth. The pictures are beautiful and allow so much for the reader to see. The story is heartwarming. I feel this book is a lovely story to read before bedtime, giving children all the beauty of the world just before falling asleep!


Beautifully illustrated book

With beautiful illustrations, and brief, loving text, this book will make the perfect, comforting bedtime story for little ones to drift off to sleep to. The warm, pastel shades of the pictures are wonderful and soothing, and there’s plenty going on in them for kids to want to study each one closely. A solid 5 stars!


Beautiful book

This is a beautiful book with colorful illustrations. The message is great and it give you an appreciation of nature and all its beauty.

Beautifully illustrated bedtime favourite!

This is a gorgeous book with simple, yet descriptive text that articulates the vastness of a parent's love for a child. This will definitely be a repeated reading bedtime favourite for parents and little ones.


The PERFECT bedtime story!!!

What a beautiful book to read at bedtime! It is full of gorgeous illustrations and the most comforting and reassuring words for a child, “ I love you to the Milky Way. I’ll love you forever.” I also really appreciate that the illustrations include a lot of diversity! A++!!!


A Beautiful Story!

A beautiful book that shows just how far and wide a mother’s love truly is. This book would be a perfect gift for a baby shower or a birthday. The illustrations are beautiful! I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Beautifully diverse!

This book is beautiful and diverse and all encompassing. It shows how far love can reach and really has no bounds.

A beautiful bedtime story

I Love You to the Treetops is a beautiful book about the love parents have for their children. A wonderful bedtime story that children will want to read over and over again. You will also enjoy the beautiful illustrations.

How Beautiful!!

What a beautiful way to use creation to show how deep, how wide and how vast our love is for our children. The illustrations were absolutely amazing!!

Diverse Family Love

Simple but powerful words - I Love You! Words we should express as often as possible to our families. Sweet book which reflects diverse families.

Such a sweet bedtime story!

Thank you so much to Angelina Gauthier for allowing our family to preview this sweet book! My son and I enjoyed reading this story all snuggled up and ready for bed. A wonderful way to share with your little ones just how deep your love runs. The illustrations were amazing! The culturally diverse pictures were beautiful and greatly complemented the storyline. Just an all around sweet story and a great addition to family library!

Lovely Story about Love

What a beautiful story expressing the love a parent can have for their child or vice versa. This love is infinite and you can feel that through the words and colorful illustrations. I loved learning that the idea of this book originated from a simple game. Now more than ever we need to spread love and what a better way to do this then reading I Love You To the Treetops!


©Angelina Gauthier

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