8 Day Kindness & Stories

February is a month with so many opportunities to focus on kindness. In 2022, the challenge starts on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), runs through Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb. 14-18), and ends on Pink Shirt Day (Feb. 23).  Of course you can do the activities in this challenge any time of the year.

It is always a great time to showcase kindness!

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Day 1

It’s Valentine’s Day! Encourage students to wear red today. Create a mural or bulletin board display with an encouraging kind message.


Day 2

Make Kindness Cards for teachers and staff of the school. Place them on their desk, in their mailboxes, or on the windshield of their car.

Day 3

 Make kindness pencils by attaching a kind message flag. Go into another class when they are not there and place them on students’ desks.

Alternately you may just use post-it notes and stick kind messages on the desks.

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Day 4

 It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day! Do a “Heart Attack” on the principal, secretary, custodian or make them cards to show gratitude for all they do. 

A “Heart Attack” is when you take heart shaped pieces of paper and write notes of appreciation and gratitude or compliment on them for one individual. You then put tape on the back and cover their workspace or door with all the heart messages.

Day 5

Make kindness rocks. (Find a template for designing them under “Free Worksheets” at www.kindnessandstories.com.) Place them outside for others to find or create a kindness rock garden.

Kindness begins coloring page.jpg

Day 6

Create posters with uplifting and positive messages. You can also use kindness coloring pages online. Tape them up on the stalls and walls of the washroom and in the hallways. Find this one at www.ripplekindness.org

Day 7

Create kindness bookmarks with encouraging quotes. Go into your school library and hide them in the books.

Day 8

It is Pink Shirt Day! Stand up for kindness and wear pink today. Read a story with the theme of kindness and share a video of how Pink Shirt Day started. 

Here is one that I have used before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noxd3pFXfNA