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Kindness Rocks

March Spring Break is here, and after taking time to rest and recharge, I started to work on painting some kindness rocks. You have probably seen many examples of kindness rocks online. The creativity can be incredible. This is a fun project to do as an adult (moi, exhibit one), or with your kids. Gather some smooth rocks, paint a design, and/or positive message on them. I use acrylic paint for best results, and this time, I used acrylic paint pens for the first time! What a game changer! They dry quickly, and allow for painting finer details.

Once the paint is dry, I spray a clear coat of varnish on them to help the paint withstand the elements.

Place the rocks in your garden, or leave them somewhere in the neighbourhood or along a community walking trail for others to find! It is a rewarding way to leave a little kindness for others to find.

Mine will be placed in our school kindness garden, in my own flower beds, and a few will make their way into the community.

For inspiration, go to the following Instagram pages: @thekindnessrocksproject, @oahukindnessrocks or @hvorrocks

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Mar 27, 2021

Hey! Kindness is one divine key to just make this miserable world a little better giving some hope to our little ones...... That was an incredible post...... all the way..... Well I too have written something on Unconditional love.... HOPE U SAVE SOME TIME TO READ IT...... I wrote it keeping in mind That our future generations should not lose hope on Humans and love, kindness....... Let's all make this world abetter place........ Love.... JANE

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