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Spreading Kindness One Rock at a Time

One of my favorite activities is to create and hide kindness rocks. They are so therapeutic to create, and I enjoy placing them in high profile areas where many people can enjoy them. On the back of each rock, I let the finder know that they can keep them or re-hide them.

Lately I have been leaving some by the mailboxes in our residential area, and they disappear daily! Other locations I have placed them are along our community walking trails, in the parking lots of grocery stores, at local schools, and lakeside recreation sites.

Last month a parent at my school sent me a photo of her children with one of my rocks. They found one on their afternoon walk! It is heartwarming to see others enjoy them.

Recently I had the chance to place rocks outside of my country (Canada), as I went to Wyoming to visit my daughter and son-in-law. I took a couple rocks with me, and also ended up making several while I was there. I placed some in the community of Powell, by a lamp post, near the middle school entrance, at the local library entrance, and on a bench by the post office. By the time I made it back to the lamp post, that one was gone!

A disappearing kindness rock is a big compliment!

I also placed a kindness rock at Yellowstone National Park, overlooking the Yellowstone River and canyon. My family stood back as we watched people notice it, smile, point it out to their companions, and take a photo of it. It is such a simple, but beautiful thing! How easy it is to spread joy.

This is just the start, as I hope to leave them in many more places around my community, province, country, and the world.

You rock in Yellowstone National Park.

Be You on a park bench by the Post Office in Powell, Wyoming.

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