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The Gift of a Litograph Scarf

Recently I received one of the most thoughtful gifts. My colleague and friend retired on June 30th. We started working together at the same school four years ago, and have developed a great friendship.

Last week she contacted me to let me know it had arrived and she wanted to give it to me. We made plans to get together for a walk. When I arrived at her place she brought the gift to me and said she had to video it to show two other colleagues, because she promised to show them my reaction.

When I opened the gift bag, I found a lovely scarf with small print on it. It was familiar to me because she owned a couple of scarfs that looked similar, with Shakespeare plays printed on them. They are called Litograph scarves. I assumed it had some kindness quotes on it, as I regularly promote kindness at our school, but she told me to read it. I looked closely and then I discovered that the text to my story, "What Kind of World Would It Be?" was printed on the scarf!

I was already in tears and quickly couldn't read it! All I could say was it was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received.

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