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Welcome to my Webpage

Thank you for your interest in my book "What Kind of World Would It Be?" and my Kindness Coach webpage. This is a work in progress, as I have a lot that I would like to add to this website to make it into something that is useful and meaningful. I hope it will one day have lesson plans, kindness quotes, and more books!

In the meantime, check out the best kindness resource I have found at

As an author, I have many unpublished manuscripts on old computers, yellowed pages, and dog-eared notebooks, but this story is relatively new, and came to me last year when I was looking for books about kindness to read to my students. It started as a poem, and evolved into a book. I value kindness and hope that the personal reflection and questions in this book encourage you to strive to be kind each day.

As an educator, I teach my students about kindness often, and remind them that it is easy and it's free! At our school, we have kindness posters in the hallways, and positive quotes in the bathroom, award students who show kindness with "We Caught You Being Kind" tickets, read the names of those kids who are caught being kind on the announcements, post the tickets and photos of Kind Kids on bulletin boards in the hall. We create the conditions for kindness and encourage students to make the choice to be kind.

One of my favourite quotes is "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." I challenge you make this world a better place by showing kindness each day. It will make others feel happy, and you will feel happy too!

Angelina Schafer Gauthier

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