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Presenting . . . Book #2: I Love You to the Treetops

Two years ago I made my dream of becoming a book author come true when I published, "What Kind of World Would It Be?" I was hopeful and optimistic that teachers, parents, caregivers, and educators would enjoy the message I had. I am not a best-selling author, but I do receive positive reviews from those who read my book. The book had a message of acceptance and kindness that I wanted, and I found a fantastic graphic designer and artist in Hayley Moore.

Fast forward to today, and I am publishing another book called "I Love You to the Treetops". This one is much different than my first. It is a story that means a lot to me simply because of its origin. It emerged over 15 years ago when my daughters, husband and I would tell each other how much we loved each other. "I love you" was never enough. It had to be "I love you to the treetops", or "I love you to the mountaintops", or "I love you to infinity times a thousand".

Many parents, grandparents, and caregivers will relate to this book and probably said many similar things to their children at bedtime. Once again, the illustrations are an integral part of the story, and Elizabeth Osborn brings this story to life with her beautiful illustrations.

I hope that this book will make its way into homes, to be read on laps, at bedtime, or during those quiet moments in the day.

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