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Kindness Ninjas!!!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

During my 1600 Followers Book Giveaway on Instagram, Allie, @joysofkinder, reached out to me. She is the co-founder of the Kindness Ninjas with @smallactbigimpact. If you aren't already following them, I recommend that you do. 😃

On their website,, it says, "Kindness Ninjas are a group of individuals who are empowered to become kind, contributing citizens, and change makers. With their red headbands, stealth, and sneaky skills; they’re encouraged to engage in random acts of kindness and good deeds within their homes, schools, communities, and World. They share their heart-warming stories with the World, in hopes to inspire others."

On the website it shows how to become a Kindness Ninja, it provides a 15-day kindness ninja challenge and has videos to show how this project has spread around the world.

This program is right up my alley, as I run a Kindness Club and Kindness Challenge at my school. I am sure certain I will be using these resources. Check it out!

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