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"My Mindful Friends" is here!

I am really excited about my third book, "My Mindful Friends". This book was developed when I was working as a social-emotional learning teacher and I recognized the need for more books for children with clear, specific strategies to manage strong feelings. The strategies in "My Mindful Friends" will complement social-emotional learning, self-regulation, and mindfulness lessons at school and home, along with school-wide SEL initiatives.

"My Mindful Friends" has diverse characters, illustrated by the talented Frances Rose Español, who show how to recognize and accept strong feelings, choose a strategy, self-regulate, and calm their emotions. Six breathing strategies and four other self-regulation ideas are mentioned in the story and explained again at the back of the book. These back pages can be photocopied for home or classroom use, to provide children with visual breathing boards while at their desk, in their bedroom, or in a calm corner.

"My Mindful Friends" is now available for purchase on Amazon. Go to:

or your country's Amazon site to get your copy.

Teach the children in your life that we all can be mindful friends.

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